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Discover the Art of Kali / Escrima

Based on the Filipino martial arts instruction from the Inosanto Academy, the WEMA Kali/Escrima program draws on 12 main areas, including, but not limited to single stick, double stick, stick & dagger, double dagger, panatukan (Filipino boxing), Sikaran (Filipino kicking methods), Kuntao & Silat.


The benefits of Kali are numerous but some of the most effective include the training to find unconventional weapons, improve timing, speed, balance, and awareness. 

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Kali is more than simple stick fighting.

People with a surface level familiarity with Kali might look and simply think it a system of stick fighting. In truth that is only a small part of what one learns in the study of Kali. The stick is used to teach the blade. Kali is intended to cover a wide range of circumstances and methods, including varying weapons and ranges, empty hand combat, and grappling. 

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Kali allows students to learn weapon disarms in a safe environment.

Sadly, the potential for a confrontation in today’s society to involve a weapon cannot be discounted. Training in Kali allows students to become familiar with that possibility, how to address it, and the potential outcomes, in a safe environment. It is not simply training oneself in the use of a weapon, it is being prepared in the event someone else in a confrontation brings a weapon into play.

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Kali is not limited to the use of traditional Filipino weapons.

While most of us are not in the habit of walking around carrying a stick or a sword, the principles of Kali are able to be transferred to use with any number of commonly available items. One area frequently covered in our Kali program is improvised tools and weapons that can be used to bring Kali techniques to bear.

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Kali can serve as an equalizer.

A common concern among people considering a martial arts program is how effective it could be in a real-life situation. Kali was developed in the Philippine islands in times when the islands were being invaded by foreign powers. It has since seen use by the Philippine military in World War II, and is still an area of training for their service members to this day. Kali meets the definition of being ‘battle tested’.


What's Stopping You?

I’m not in shape. 

You don’t need to be. Martial arts training will help you achieve your fitness goals be they weight, endurance, strength enhancement, or a combination of all three.


I’m not a fighter.

Everyone has a warrior hidden within. WEMA will help you bring them out into the light.


I’m not big enough to be an effective fighter.

Kali is meant for all body types and sizes. More muscle or height does not equal a better fighter. We’ll teach you techniques that will cut your opponent down to size.

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