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Warrior Workshops:
Water's Edge Professional
Seminar Series

The Warrior Workshop Series at Water's Edge Martial Arts aim to broaden practitioners' exposure to diverse aspects of the martial arts community. We host experts from various disciplines to share their knowledge at WEMA.

Despite our different backgrounds and practices, we martial artists all share a profound respect for all martial arts, acknowledging the valuable insights they offer.


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Warrior's Workshops: Join us to expand your martial arts mastery! 

Join Us to Expand Your Martial Arts Mastery! 

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Join us for a unique seminar Wednesday, April 17th.

An instructor in both Hapkido and Stockton Multi Style Escrima, as well as being certified  EMT and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Sabumnim Chris LaCava takes a practical viewpoint on applying these arts to real world situations.


Previous Warrior Workshops

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As martial artist no matter our discipline, we all have one thing in common: we never stop learning.


We recognize that despite focusing in one area, there is a rich body of knowledge offered by other styles.


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Martial artists aren't born. They're made.

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