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Simple Techniques for Real-World Safety

Effective, Efficient
and Fast

Empower Yourself Today!

Learn Essential Techniques Quickly

The self-defense program at Water’s Edge Martial Arts skips the formalities and focuses on what matters – practical skills that can save lives. Uncomplicated, effective, and tailored for those who want to be prepared, not perfect.


Time is your most precious asset, and we respect that. Our self-defense program is designed for quick, impactful learning. No complex moves, just straightforward techniques to empower you in any situation.


We are also aware that learning self-defense can be triggering for some individuals and is way out of many people’s comfort zone. Rapid Defense is conducted in a highly supportive environment with well-trained personnel who not only have been doing this for years, but have unique backgrounds that make then well versed in helping people through difficult situations.  There’s never been a better time or place to take control of your safety journey now!


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The Rapid Defense Program at Water's Edge

Each program begins the first Saturday of the month at 10:45 am.


The Scenario Training techniques introduce students to different situations an individual may find themselves in. We will set up specific scenes for students to respond including physical barriers. This is a more advanced technique that will be introduced after students have completed at least one full 4-week program.










It’s not possible to see all attacks in advance. And just because you get knocked down or you are already sitting on the ground doesn’t mean you are out of the fight. The Ground Defense techniques are designed for those situations.

Common Misconceptions/Questions:

I’m not sure I’m in shape for self-defense. 
This program is not physically demanding. It’s designed for all fitness levels. There are no push-ups, no sit-ups, no exercise involved. It’s straight up techniques. 
I only want to learn with women. 
We hear you. You can elect to only partner with women.  And your main instructor is Sifu Lisa Kim. She gets it. 
I don’t have the time. 
One hour a week is all that is necessary. We use fast, efficient techniques that you will learn quickly. There’s not a better investment of your time out there. 
I’m not a ‘martial artist’ type. 
You don’t need to be. (And to be honest, there is no martial artist type.) Anyone at any age and fitness level can learn to defend themselves. Let us show you what you’re capable of.

Why should I take self-defense lessons?
For women:
Women who take self-defense courses are less likely to experience unwanted sexual contact.
Read the article.

For men:
Although self-defense courses are often aimed at women, men need to learn self-defense as well. Research indicates that men are more likely to be the target of violent attacks and be more likely to get involved in physical altercations.
Both men and women experience increases in confidence and self-esteem through defense training.  At Water’s Edge, we genuinely hope you never have to use the skills we teach. But if you ever do, we want you to be ready.

Still Not Sure?

This young girl, age 8, was learning one of the techniques in this clip. 

This was not staged. If she can do it, you can too.


Take the first step in learning to defend yourself and those you love.


See you soon!

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out by phone (680-218-0992) or email:  We can also be reached through our Facebook page.

Looking for an Exclusive Self-Defense Program
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Strengthen your group's security and confidence with a tailored defense program designed just for your group.


Whether you're a team seeking to learn together or have unique threats to tackle, we craft personalized strategies to suit your requirements. Immersing participants in scenario-based training, real-world risks are simulated to equip participants with a diverse toolkit of effective responses. 


Don't wait—empower your team and seize control of your safety today!

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