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Explore the Incredible Indonesian Fighting Style of Silat

A system designed for fighting multiple offenders, Silat is an Indonesian martial art that encompasses a wide range of techniques, including strikes, kicks, joint locks, throws, sweeps, and grappling. Many Silat styles emphasize fluid and flowing movements, making use of circular motions and evasive footwork.

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Silat techniques are advantageous in real-life self-defense situations where adaptability and spontaneity are crucial.

Silat also includes training with various traditional weapons such as knives (keris), sticks (tongkat), swords (pedang), and even improvised weapons like scarves or sarongs. Weapon techniques are often integrated into empty-hand techniques.

With a long tradition and a modern sensibility, Silat is well suited to all levels and body types. Highly adaptive, its ideal for anyone looking to focus on real world self-defense. Or as Sifu Chad calls it, self-offense. Stop by and try out a class today. 

A mix of old and new



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